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What Sleep Deprivation Can Do To You

Have you ever tried staying up an entire night and feeling immensely low and awkward the next entire day? Well, sleep deprivation does tons more to your mind, body and soul that just that. It can make you immensely annoyed, hazy and grumpy altogether. It can affect several things such as your sex life, your memory, your overall health, your physical looks, and worse of all it even immobilizes your body’s ability to shed off fat. Following is a brief idea of few of many effects of sleep deprivation:

  1. Sleepiness Causes Accidents
  2. It is often said that drunk driving and driving when sleep deprived are hardly different. It can put your safety and the safety of others on the road in danger too. This is because when you are sleepy you feel essentially drowsy. This has a direct influence on your ability to think straight and most importantly to think quickly. These are the kind of responses one must have when on the road. Being sleepy reduces the time a person takes to respond to a great deal. It can increase the number of not just car accidents but also generally minor accidents. A sleep deprived individual is more prone to injuring themselves even when at work. Hence, a cup of coffee might not always do the trick you are looking for, it is important to catch up on lost sleep to ensure that you protect yourself and others from possible accidents.

  3. Sleep Loss Dumbs You Down
  4. This is perhaps even worse than driving when sleepy. If you need to sleep and have been awake for more than usual then there are chances that the speed on which your brain normally functions has slowed down. Sleep is immensely important to ensure that your brain is charged and active and knows what it’s doing at all times. It allows thinking critically and being able to learn and grasp concepts quickly. Imagine if you are sleep deprived and your brain is not functioning at its normal pace, you are called in a meeting and eventually you are unable to respond the way your employer expects you to. This will prove to him that your attention is impaired, you are not alert, you lack obvious concentration, your reasoning is poor and your ability to solve problem is immensely retarded. This will only place you in a delicate situation at work.

  5. Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Serious Health Problems
  6. If your sleep cycle is not allowing you to sleep sufficiently then you are prone to the following:

    • Heart diseases
    • Heart attacks
    • Possible heart failure
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • High blood pressure
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes

    It has been statistically proven that people who have a sleeping disorder are most likely to develop major heart problems in the future. It can also cause insomnia – this is the perpetual inability to sleep.

  7. Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive
  8. If you like to stay awake all night, then you might be able to watch the episode you waited for but you won’t get much action in the bed room. Sleep deprivation directly influences your sex drive and your ability to have sex. This is because a sleepy person experiences:

    1. Depleted energy,
    2. Sleepiness, and
    3. Increased tension

    It is important that one sleeps also to ensure the proper and enough production of hormones and the overall regulation of the body. Several studies have proven that men and women who are sleep deprived and less amounts estrogen and men have lower amounts of testosterone.

Hence, it is important to ensure that you sleep properly.