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Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


Composing A Winning Introduction For A Cause And Effect Essay

As part of a cause and effect essay, you will be examining a particular subject or topic, so as to see why it occurred and or what affect this had. In fact, you may be looking at any number of different topics, depending upon the subject that you are studying for; however, there are various things that you can bear in mind, no matter what the topic is, in order to write a good introduction.

How to begin your introduction

One of the first lines of your introduction should include details about the topic that you are going to discuss. If it is a particularly detailed topic, then it may take two or three sentences, or more, in order to provide the relevant details to the reader.

Once you have introduced the general topic, you will need to give slightly more background, so as to identify what cause and effect you are actually going to discuss.

How much detail should you go into?

Essentially, you need to give enough detail so as to provide the reader with a reasonable understanding of what it is that you attempt to discuss. Exactly how much detail you go into will also depend upon the kind of academic paper you are writing. For example, if you’re just writing a short five paragraph essay then you may not necessarily need to go in to too much detail; however, if you’re writing a long paper, such as a dissertation, then your introduction may be several paragraphs long, or even more.

One thing to remember though is that you will be using the body section to discuss in much greater detail the topic that you will write about. Therefore, the only details that you need in the introduction are any important factors that the reader will need to be aware of before reading the rest of the paper. Essentially, you just want them to be aware of what to expect with the rest of your article.

Revising your introduction

Once you have written the rest of the paper you will need to come back to the introduction to check that it is still relevant. If the direction of your paper has changed in any way then you may have to make some revisions to what you have previously written. Furthermore, when you are happy with the introduction - as well as the rest of the paper - you will need to proofread and edit the work, in order to ensure that it no longer contains any spelling or grammatical errors.