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The Top 20 Personal Narrative Essay Topics for Exciting Writing

A personal narrative essay unlike any other essay is written in first person. It follows the same format and structure as the traditional essays. If you are looking for great topic ideas you could use in your personal narrative essay, then you have landed to the right page. Below is a list of essay topics you could use in your paper. It is not necessary that you like or agree to all these topics so you can choose the one you like the best and alter it to suit your essay

  1. What is the top dream I want to achieve in my life
  2. If I were the president of Rome, what architecture should I renovate
  3. If I had a chance to travel any country in the world, what would it be
  4. If I have enough resources to follow my passion I will definitely become a …
  5. What are the top most dark secrets I have that no one knows about me
  6. What is the most proud moment in my life that made me feel like a star
  7. What are the possibilities of me being successful in the year 2050
  8. Why I think some of the world leaders need to leave power and the government as early as possible
  9. What would I do to control global warming if I had enough authority
  10. What are my personal views on war on terror fought in most of the Muslim world
  11. What are the consequences of my early childhood incidents on my current life
  12. What is it that I lack in my life and would do anything to have
  13. How can I define if I am a narcissist or simply adore myself like usual people
  14. What makes me special? What qualities I possess that ordinary people do not have
  15. What are the chances of me going to another planet if I were an astronaut
  16. If I were an animal, which one would I be. Why did I choose this certain specie
  17. What are my biggest strengths and weaknesses and how I realize that
  18. How will I eradicate war, poverty and hunger from the world if for one day I had all the authority
  19. Which Hollywood movie I would love to be featured in and why? Why did I choose this role that I chose
  20. What sport would I ban from the Olympics and why