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Techniques Used By Bill Clinton To Influence The Audience

Bill Clinton was, without any doubt, one of the most influential speakers in the world. His communication techniques provided him with an edge over the competitors. By using a right mix of communication tools he was able to grab the attention of the people. He made a difference in their perceptions and influenced their opinions through the right use of words. By analyzing his speaking style, one can enhance their own presentation skills. Remember no is supposed to copy his unique style. People just have to use these techniques in and implement them in their personal communication style. The three most important communication techniques used by Bill Clinton are listed below:

  1. Knowing the Right Time to use a Pause
  2. Bill Clinton had the ability to pause in a manner that left an impact on the listener. This enabled him to increase make curious and anticipate his listeners. As a result, people became anxious to know what he was about to say.

  3. Emphasizing the Right Words in the Right Tone
  4. Emphasis, in verbal communication, plays a vital role in representing the importance of the idea being emphasized. Bill Clinton is also known for accentuating on the right ideas at the right time. This gained him the respect of a large number of people. It also increased the degree to which he persuaded the people.

  5. Correct and Coordinated use of Gestures During the Speech
  6. Bill Clinton’s gestures were always in perfect coordination with his words. These were, in fact, his strongest tools of visual aid. For instance, while addressing the general public he used to extend his arms, with his palms out. In addition to that, to show that something is important and personal to him, he used to overlap his arms on his chest. All of these gestures enabled him to increase the impact of his message.

  7. It Is Not Only What You Say But Also How You Say It!
  8. Bill Clinton used a perfect combination of verbal and nonverbal tools to enhance the quality of his speeches. For instance, while being appreciated by the crowd he used a sincere smile with honest words. In addition to that, while arguing against something, he was observed to put his chin up in defiance. Moreover, while saying something that showed his determination, he often squinted his eyes.

All of these examples show how brilliantly Bill Clinton used his expressions to demonstrate his words.