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The scientific study on the society and behavior of society is called as Sociology. Sociology also defines the origin, culture, development, institutions of a society as well. Empirical investigation, critical analysis and close study methods are well accepted in the world of sociology. These all methods are used for developing a person with the awareness of social orders and disorders, and even the social changes that are necessary for a person to live in the society. The traditional focus of the sociology is centered on the social class, religion, social stratification, laws, secularization, deviances and sexuality.

Social Research and its Methods and Techniques

The vision of scientific research has been applied with various kinds of methods. Among them the quantitative and qualitative research methods have been adopted by the social researchers and accepted it with glance.

The semantic and culture turns of the mid-twentieth century prompted progressively hermeneutic, interpretative and philosophic methodologies towards the investigation of society. On the other hand, the end of the 1990s and the start of 2000s have witnessed the ascent of new mathematically, analytically and computationally thorough methods; for example, operators based demonstrating and interpersonal organization investigation. Social researcher advises legislators, instructors, organizers, officials, executives, designers, business magnates, chiefs, social specialists, non-administrative associations, non-benefit associations, and individuals intrigued by determining social issues in general. There is frequently an impressive deal among social exploration, statistical survey, and other financial fields.

Applied Theories in Sociology

As a contention of classical theory of sociology, the discipline of sociology is close to theoretically multi-paradigmatic. According to Randall Collins the theories of sociology has been cited in four parts like; conflicts, utilitarianism, functionalism and symbolic interactionism. The modern culture of sociology is basically descending on the functionalism and conflict- centered. Utilitarianism, also called Social Exchange or Rational Choice, even though frequently connected with economics, is a custom inside sociological hypothesis.

Sociology as an Art and Science

Sociology is both the art and the science by its nature. Researchers explained that the sociological studies make a person to think scientifically and also from art insight. Therefore, the sociologists are trained in the science and also in arts. It gives them an observation and also understanding of the political process and the tools to empower this process.


From the above discussion the clear view of the sociology has been implemented in this task and also the theories that a researcher follows have been described. Apart from that the clarification of theories also has been included here. The understanding of the sociology as science and art has been developed in the topic assessment.