write a strong essay on any topic

Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


Choosing an Excellent Narrative Essay Topic: Basic Tips

For some students, the hardest part about writing a narrative essay is choosing a good topic. While the essay does allow for a lot of freedom, it’s hard to settle on an experience that means something to you and that you are comfortable writing about. So here are a few tips to help you choose an excellent topic and get you started on a great essay:

Consider Any Cultural Issues in Your Life

Do you have any experience with feeling secluded or possibly out of touch with others around you because of traditions you have that may be different or unfamiliar? Consider things like religion, race, ethnicity, political or social beliefs. How are these things prevalent in the decisions you make each day?

Consider Your Life vs. That of Others

Many of us will consider ourselves lucky when we compare our lives to those of others who are less fortunate and have experienced greater hardships. What then can be said about how thankful you can be? How does being in a more fortunate position affect the way you approach your daily life? Do you have anything to propose to others?

Consider Personal Growth Due to Conflict

Do you recall a time in your life when you have grown or have had to grow up because of either an internal or external conflict? Use the assignment to discuss the ways you have changed as a person. What did you gain from the conflict? What did you lose? And in what ways did id affect the way you perceive others?

Have You Ever Questioned Beliefs?

If your friends or family believe in something that you have questioned in the past, you can use this personal conflict and turn it into a powerful narrative essay in which you reflect on the truths you have begun to see in society. If you are questioning beliefs you were born into then your essay might also touch upon how personal development has played a part in creating your independence.

Narrate a Personal Story from the Third Person

Sometimes a story might feel too personal to write about, even though the subject-matter would make for a great essay. Find ways to write creatively about the subject from someone else’s perspective. The easiest would be the third-person point of view, which allows you to be detailed but speaking from a voice that shows you as knowledgeable but not involved.