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Effects Of A Poor Diet

Several people suffer from the effects of poor diets and eating habits. The changes in lifestyle among several people have led to changes in food and feeding habits among individuals. Poor dieting would both eating too much of what the body requires and eating too little of what the body needs. Eating too much, too little, food with lots of fats and eating fast foods most of the times are all bad eating and feeding habits. However, these habits may have effects on the life and health of an individual. People with poor eating disorders also suffer the effects of a poor diet. The effects of a poor diet on people may be short term or long term. One may thus need to visit a dietitian for proper nutrition advice. The effects of a poor diet may be as a result of decisions on eating behavior and whatever we choose to eat. It is critical to ensure that all meals we take contain a balanced diet

Consequences of a Poor Diet

A poor diet may result in an individual’s weight gain. The Too much weight gain may be very dangerous as obese individuals may suffer other life-threatening conditions including hypertension and high blood pressure. A poor diet may be thus harmful to the health of a person. A poor diet may also cause sleeping problems for individuals. Eating too little or too much makes one have sleeping problems. Their poor diet may cause the exercising capabilities of an individual. Indigestion is another problem that is associated with a poor diet. This may cause discomforts for the individual. A poor diet also causes poor functioning of the brain. A poor diet is sometimes associated with low concentration levels and even loss of memory among individuals.

Avoiding Effects of a Poor Diet

It is crucial that one considers improving his or her diet as it has several benefits. This would also be critical in ensuring that one remains healthy and fit. For healthy diets, individuals need to avoid intake of fast foods on a frequent basis. There is also need to avoid foods with too much fat as this may increase the fat and cholesterol levels in one's blood. Including vegetables and fruits in one's diet is also advised. Individuals who overeat should also be warned of the effects of becoming obese. Starving oneself or skipping meals to maintain shape or figure especially for girls is dangerous.