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Human lifestyles have changed over the years and this has affected every aspect of life. With globalization and the leading of busy lives, people hardly find time to cook and have their own meals. With this trend, organizations like McDonald have identified the problem and provide a solution of making fast foods that address the need to support these busy lives. Today, McDonald’s corporation is the biggest chain of fast food restaurants for burgers in the world. It serves almost sixty eight million customers on a daily basis with the number growing by the day. This is happening in more than a hundred and nineteen countries hosting about thirty five thousand outlets.

Predominantly, McDonalds has its headquarters in the United States and started its operations in 1940 as a mere barbecue restaurant initially operated and managed by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Eight years later, they realized the potential of their business would grow with the selling of hamburgers and therefore, they applied the principles of production lines. One businessman, Ray Kroc would later join in the business as a franchise agent later in 1955 and later on bought the chain of business from the McDonald brothers and directed its growth all over the world.

Today, operations are conducted either through an affiliate, a franchise or the real corporation on its own. The McDonald’s Corporation revenues have increasingly been boosted through royalties, rent and payment of fees by franchises along with sales in restaurants operated by the company. The annual revenue collections for the company in 2012 amounted to more than twenty seven billion dollars with profits of about five and a half billion dollars. In 2012, BBC reported McDonald’s to be the second largest private employer in the world ranking behind Wal-Mart that had about two million employees with about one and half million coming from their franchises.

McDonald’s basically trades in cheeseburgers, chicken, cheeseburgers, breakfast items, French fries, milkshakes, desserts and soft drinks. Due to demands placed by customers, the company diversified to fish, wraps, salads, smoothies, seasoned fries and fruits. It is no doubt that McDonald’s has grown its customer base and this doesn’t seem to end any time soon. There is unbounded hope in the future for the company because of the value and quality of service aimed at meeting pressing needs in the current life settings. There are a lot of offers being made in the corporation, affiliates and franchises and it is unlikely that the strong foundation built over the years will crumble.