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One of the most common questions asked about libertarianism is what exactly is it. Libertarianism leans on the belief a person should have the liberty to live a life the way the wish to live without questions, as long as it does not interrupt the equalities of other people. The idea was tossed around in the early 1920’s but was finally established in the 1970’s. Libertarians have their own theories and philosophies that drive them to do what they feel is right.

In the early 1920’s, the idea of civil liberties were tossed around and the beginning of the modern American Libertarian movement began. They say the roots of this movement can be traces back to three specific women; and Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson and Rose Wilder Lane. These three women began setting the foundation for of personal freedom and the philosophies behind them.

In 1971, the formation of the libertarian party was complete after president Richard Nixon made a well-known and famous speech. The political party had its own government candidates and participated in the political debates as other political parties did. The speech proposed a wage freeze and ending the dollar to gold convertibility. The party found this outrageous and stated it  betrayed the civil liberties of Americans. They party stood up against the proposed idea to begin the fight for smaller government and more individual independence. Some of the philosophies and theories that drive the libertarian party deal with giving the people the freedom to live freely and equally. These ideas stated the principal objective of the libertarian party is liberty. Their goal is to obtain autonomy as well as the freedom to make their own choices without the intervention of the government.

There are stipulations to these ideas, the freedom of choice is acceptable but cannot harm, degrade, or interfere with the equalities of other people. As long as the choices being made are humane, the government should allow them to express themselves in any way they see fit.

Libertarianism is not a complicated idea, or philosophy. Three women started a grand movement back in the 1920’s that helped create the libertarian party in the 1970’s. With president Richard Nixon announcing wage freezes, the libertarian party formed and set out to right the wrongs they felt American citizens were receiving. The libertarian party is still an active party within the government and aims to keep the government from stripping humans from their rights.