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10 Fresh Ideas For Creating An Intriguing Food Descriptive Essay

You have to describe your food real good in order to convince someone else that he or she should also taste it. Restaurants for instance will describe their meals in the best way possible in order to attract more customers. Here, you have to proof that what you have cooked is worth eating. Take for instance you are receiving visitors from abroad. You definitely do not expect them to carry their own packed lunch but they are expecting you to prepare one. You should therefore be able to create curiosity and interest that would make them want to test your food. In order to achieve this, you have to stick to the following ideas.

  1. describe your view
  2. Ensure that you are personal. Describe your own experience with the food. Is the food sumptuous or a great delicacy in other words??

  3. describe what you feel
  4. Is it cold or hot? Your visitors would want to know what to expect with the food while in their mouth.

  5. describe the health value
  6. This will determine the number of people who will eat your food. If it’s healthy enough then you will appeal to many. For example, 100% free cholesterol can do.

  7. create an image in their minds
  8. By doing this, people will get to know what you have prepared in their minds. The following words can be helpful; eggy, syrupy, fruity

  9. Create a nostalgic mood
  10. This makes your visitors curious. By taking them back to your happy moments makes the dish unique.

  11. appeal to their gusto
  12. You can achieve this by using words like; melty, velvety, crispy, gritty. They therefore test your food before they even see it.

  13. appeal to their sight
  14. Enable your visitors to see your food in your description for example; Delicate, grated, handpicked can help you achieve that.

  15. name the food
  16. This can be done using geographical names such as Chinese, Kenyan, and Italian. This is important in raising the interest of the reader.

  17. avoid clichés, they are boring
  18. Avoid commonly used words such as mouthwatering in describing your food. This causes boredom and disinterest by the readers hence nobody will be wishing to test your food.

  19. consolidate your description
  20. Come up with a unique way to order your description to avoid confusion. Take your reader systematically from imagining, seeing, touching and thereafter eating your meal.