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How To Do My Essay If I’m Too Tired: An Effective Approach

Being tired is something that everyone goes through and it always seems to hit in during the time that you have to get stuff done. You are not the first person to be exhausted but you have to finish something up before you go to bed. You should have started it early but procrastination is just in our blood and we like to put things off till the last minute. If you have an essay due the next day and you are too tired to do it, there are ways that you can wake yourself up enough to complete it.

An Effective Approach To Waking Up

  • Make some coffee or tea to help wake yourself up or you can grab an energy drink they work well too. They say you shouldn’t do this but some people just need the extra boost to get work done.
  • Grab something to eat, it should be something healthy then you can stay more focused, some nuts or fruit is a good snack to have and you can eat it while you work.
  • Take a shower or take a brisk walk, either one of these will wake you up enough to write your essay.
  • Try standing up while you are working instead of sitting, this will get you blood flowing and wake you up.
  • Don’t go to social media sites or have a television or cell phone on around you. This will distract you and then you won’t get your work done quickly and this will make you more tired.
  • If you have time, take a nap. No more than 20-30 minutes or you won’t want to get up and this will cut into your time that you should be spending writing your essay.
  • After you have done some or all of these suggestions, you need to sit down and not walk away from your computer. Set goals that after so many words you can take a five to ten minute break and then get right back to work. The faster you get it done the faster you can go to sleep.
  • This last suggestion is one you can try, if you are too tired to do your essay that night, you can get up early and do it the next morning before it is due. You need to set an alarm and make sure you get up. This isn’t for everybody but some people might do better doing it the next morning.