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Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


Developing An Effective Thesis Statement For An Argumentative Essay

Every high-quality academic paper should be supported by a thesis statement, especially so in an argumentative paper where the entire basis of writing the paper is to prove a point for a certain argument.

What is a thesis statement exactly?

It is a statement, which can be one or two sentences long, which essentially tells the reader what the subject of the argument is - basically what the paper is about.

It should be included at the beginning of the paper, typically right after the introduction so that your readers are prepared for what the subject of the paper is and what they will be reading about.

Tips on creating an effective statement
  • Firstly, creating a well composed and informative statement within one of two sentences is key. Which means that it can’t be very long and it has to convey effectively what the argument of the paper is?
  • This means that such a statement should not be vague or general. Try and be specific by using phrases and subject names and making sure that the reader knows exactly what the subjects of the essay are. Writing a vague statement is the biggest blunder that a writer can make as it does not solidify the argument but makes it seem too general.
  • A good way to go about writing a strong statement is to finalize it and edit the statement after you have finished writing the paper. Of course you will need a general statement to use as a guideline before you begin writing but make sure that you go back to it, use specific words and subject names to rewrite the statement after you are done with the paper.
  • The statement should not be a complex and long sentence. The key is precision; you need to be able to write down a statement using simple words but solid examples so that the statement isn’t too confusing for the reader to understand.
  • The statement is not a setting for a mystery that the reader tries to solve by reading your work, instead treat the statement as an open statement and argument - you will then be using the essay to prove that argument and not reveal any surprises.

An effective thesis statement in an argumentative essay can be the real hook that makes a reader wants to read the paper to find out what the arguments in favor of that statement are.