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Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


How to Find Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics in Sports

Everyone likes a good game. Even people who do not necessarily like sports have some interest in games. This is a quick hint at what it takes to make an essay about sports especially interesting on a broader scale.

It should be noted that in today’s broadcast circles, sports is the go to format for programming to deliver up to date news because it’s presented in a much more exciting way and so it’s easier to persuade others through the media. But that is just a hint as to the combination of impressive persuasion that a student wants to look for when they’re looking for sports topics to write about.

Start From Within

In a way this is broadly pointing out that within is within the students as well as within different already familiar circles. For instance, to start, if the student is interested in sports then they will have the passion but would need to find a way to find a topic that’s accessible to more than just sports fans. The persuasion is the easy part in this case.

For those aren’t necessarily sports fans, that student knows where to go looking for those who have that passion and through observation and discussion, can come up with persuasive topics to frame in a certain context. This is something the sports fan who’s writing the essay could do as well.

Making An Impression

As mentioned before the persuasion is easy to figure out, perhaps before one makes the impression. The impression can be made within groups who have the same taste but again, the point is to make the impression outside of them so that it can be impressive.

A few ways to do this is to:

  • Make Comparisons To Non-sports Related Situations
  • Work The Narrative Into A Broader Context
  • Expand The Controversy

Make Comparisons To Non-sports Related Situations

The entire world isn’t about sports but forcing the idea by making comparisons to other things in life will make non-sports fans relate to it more. For instance, controversial gameplays that give teams a reason to get revenge on the next game. That takes everyone the team stands for, city or institution to a whole new level.

Work The Narrative Into A Broader Context

This is similar to the comparisons but this means that the narrative is seamlessly woven into the essay, moving quickly as a storyteller would where it takes the reader from beginning to end with interest.

Expand The Controversy

A good example of this are news outlets who ‘spin’ the stories they are reporting for sensationalism, where they incite passions from the viewer. This is also the case for writers.


The student who pays attention to these particular points will find that other ideas will fall into place as they work on their essay. The purpose here is to bring out the most interesting parts of their writing to the surface to make a strong paper to present.