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Fascinating Facts About The Aztec Civilization

The Mesoamerican people who lived in Mexico in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth century, is referred to as the Aztec Civilization. The civilization is known for its lush culture and mythology. Some of the most amazing facts associated with the Aztec Civilization are listed below:

  1. Aesthetic Skills
  2. The people of the Aztec Civilization were very aesthetic. They took keen interest in pottery; sculpting, and artistic drawings. Furthermore, these people also played a number of team sports, including Ullamaliztli. This game used a rubber ball that was to be taken through a small ring of stone. It was played in a court that was known as Tlachtli.

  3. Compulsory Education
  4. The Aztec Civilization placed great importance on the training of children. Apart from that, the authorities of Aztec Civilization made arrangements for mandatory public schooling of the children. The schools were separated on the basis of noble status and gender of the children.

  5. Health Problems
  6. Even though the Aztec Civilization was very modern for the time it existed in, the strength of the civilization was rebuffed by health problems, specifically small pox.

  7. Complex and Modern System of Record Keeping
  8. The Aztec Civilization communicated in a language called N’ahuatl. The writings of this language were in the form of pictures. The scholastic and learned people used this language to keep records of the historical events, religious sacrifices, taxes, and other finance related matters.

  9. Customs of Burial
  10. The people of the Aztec Civilization buried their loved ones either under or around their houses. If a noble or warrior of the Aztec Civilization died then his body was cremated. According to their belief, the cremation of the body sent the dead person directly to heaven. Sometimes they killed a dog and buried it with the body to make the journey in afterlife easy for the deceased.

  11. Selling their Own Children
  12. One of the common customs among the poor people of the Aztec Civilization was selling children as slaves. In some of the cases people went on to selling themselves as well.

  13. Polygamy
  14. The men in Aztec Civilization were allowed to have multiple wives. The first wife was referred to as the principle wife and all the marital traditions were conducted with her only. All the other wives were secondary but were treated with equal respect. Divorce was permissible in some cases, but adultery by any party in the marriage was punished with death.

Hence, these were the customs that were diligently followed by the former civilization.