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Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


A List Of 15 Great Exploratory Essay Topics For College Students

Going to college is always exciting, and something everyone looks forward to. There is the moving out from your parent’s place bit, increased freedom and late night parties. However, all of this comes with financial responsibility and the burden of homework assignments. Writing exploratory essays, on the other hand, can be quite interesting. However, before deciding on a topic, make sure that there is enough research material on the topic and is a comparatively controversial topic. Moreover, remember that an exploratory essay is not about your opinion. It is supposed to be supported by proofs and be written in an unaffected, objective writing style.

15 Great Topics for Exploratory Essays

Are you looking for some exploratory essay topics? Here are some suggestions that will make your task easier. These are some issues that afflict the modern world and will make for interesting topics for exploration.

  1. Is a leader born or is the skill cultivated?
  2. Are peaceful measures in a world that believes in war effective anymore?
  3. Are networking sites a boon or a bane for an individual’s social growth and development?
  4. Is homosexuality natural and if it is, why is a major portion of society against it?
  5. What is the impact of pop music on the psychology of teenagers?
  6. Should capital punishment be allowed?
  7. Is terrorism a result of psychological disorder or merely organized crime?
  8. Is it okay to cheat on an inactive, uncompromising spouse/partner?
  9. How deep-rooted is gender discrimination in the developed world?
  10. Can piracy ever be fought and will people ever revert to buying media files?
  11. The psychological impact of consumerism on children and adults
  12. Should kids be taught gender roles from an early age?
  13. If eight countries have nuclear weapons, why shouldn’t the rest of the world be allowed to make nuclear weapons?
  14. How much are inter-racial marriages really improving the racial discrimination situation worldwide?
  15. Traditional teaching methods vs. project-based learning: which is better?

Writing an exploratory topic is easy. You can even pick a topic that appeals to your specific community. So, looking for the right topic will not be the issue. Tackling in an appropriate manner, however, will be. So, decide on a stance and stick to it till the end. Adding facts and figures will add to the reliability of your essay.