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Deviant Behavior

Deviant behavior refers to actions or deeds that are unacceptable to a society. Social norms violation is deviant behavior. Deviant behavior is considered unorthodox depending on the community or the society that people are in. Some people deviate from the things and deeps that are acceptable in their societies. Societies require the members to stay and live embarrassing certain behaviors and practices. Deviant behaviors may include rape, robbery, prostitution and homicide. There are also others depending on the community or society for example suicide, exposing nakedness in public and over drinking.

Types and Causes of Deviant Behavior

There is the formal deviance. This is the violation or going against those laws that govern states. Deviant behavior in this case is defined and stated in the laws. They may include homicide, theft, murder or even prostitution but depends on states and countries. Informal Deviance is that which include the violation of those norms that do not involve the law of the states. Interactions humans have with other people determine if they get deviant or not. Friends for example through peer pressure can influence others to be deviant. Some people get or become deviant so as to fit in groups. Some people learn deviant behaviors from role modeling. Parents who bring up children around queer people may have the children being deviant. Parents need to guide children too as some children learn much from parents.

Impacts or Effects of Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior is unhealthy for the society. Deviant behavior means that the rules are broken. It is thus a sigh that there are people who are wrong doers in society. Laws that provide provisions of what is deviant and what is not ensure that those who are deviant get arrested and convicted for deviance. It thus separated people from the societies and other activities. Defiant behavior causes losses as people are robbed off their things or property. People also loose lives in case the deviant behavior involves murder. Deviant people are thus sometimes dangerous in communities. Deviant activities can cause fear among those in the societies. The deviant behavior also depicts bad examples to the youths who may turn to crime later. Students who are deviant in their societies and in schools are likely to be poor learning performers. All societies thus need to discourage these behaviors and encourage morals in societies. Governments need to incorporate moral studies in education systems for children to learn to remain good.