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Cultural Context Of The Humanities

Before this topic can be looked at in detail, one has to understand what the two key categories even mean. Only then can they be understood in unison. Following is a brief insight to what the two define.


If one was to describe this term then it can be said that the humanities are somewhat of a study of the manner in which on individual is most likely to view and then comprehend a single experience. There are various things influence the way in which a person looks at the world and then responds to it. According to past critics, here are some of the things that have influenced this insight:

  1. Art
  2. Literature
  3. History itself
  4. Religion
  5. Music
  6. Philosophy
  7. And even language

The above have always played a vital role in establishing how the world works. Every platform through which an individual can express the way they are feeling can be called the study of the humanities. It allows one person to read what another might be thinking or feeling and thus creates a very intricate and strong between the way in which one people have continued to survive.


Though this is a very common term, very few people fully understand it. Culture entails the following:

  1. The dressing sense of a community
  2. The way they celebrate events
  3. The food they eat
  4. Social norms
  5. The way they meet and greet one another
  6. The language they speak and every other minor to major aspect that makes them up as a community or a country.

When studying culture, several things have to be kept in mind to be able to understand it fully. Culture is always well-rooted in the values people have and have had over the course of centuries. It is also the identifiable relics, and above all the very primal fundamental expectations and conventions.

The Two Together

This is the very reason why it is often impossible to look at one while ignoring the other. The two play a vital role in the context of the other. Culture can be seen as a way in which people express themselves and it also defines a group of people in the way they are and how they survive. Therefore, for the group of individuals to understand the other fully they have to not only get their idea of expression but also understand their culture too.