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Tips For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On Judaism And Islam

Have you been set a compare and contrast essay on Judaism and Islam and yet you don't know what's even meant by this sort of paper? Well, have no fear, help is at hand.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay is where two subjects (usually two, although there can be more) are scrutinized for similarities (which is what's meant by compare) and differences (the contrast).

Where should I start with this paper?

In this instant, you are needing to compare and contrast the two religions Islam and Judaism. So the first thing you need to do is the same as with any other assignment: study the subject! Remember to make notes as you read. Learn as much as you can in your self given allotted time. You always need to make sure you've got an organized plan so that no time is wasted and you can fit in all the different aspects of constructing your paper.

Making a list will really help!

Create a list of similarities and differences for the two religions, and try to think of just as many for each category.

Similarities could include:

  • Both are Abrahamic religions.
  • Both worship the same God.
  • The similarity of stories in the Bible and the Koran.
  • Both have places of worship.

Differences could be:

  • Concepts of what/who God/Allah is.
  • Opinions over Mohamed.
  • Rituals of worship.
  • Religious dates in the calendar.

Then what?

Once you've read a fair bit and you have created some long lists, have a look through the lists and write some notes on ones that could be expanded into in depth essay discussions. 'Rituals of worship', for instance, would be a very straight forward subject, as it would rely mostly on practices and histories, whereas a topic like 'Concepts of God' would perhaps lean a lot more to the side of theology and philosophy, and wouldn't be half as easy to answer! So think a lot about the list of topics you've made before plumping for the specialized subject for your paper.

What else do I need to know?

It's worth bearing in mind that compare and contrast essays should go beyond information and descriptions. These types of papers are looking for critical thinking by making connections between the two subjects. Reflecting on similarities and differences means you will gain a deeper understanding of your topic.