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Becoming An Actor


The acting profession is glamorous and it seems lucrative especially for those who are at the top of their profession. At the same time, it does not seem to be a difficult career to many dreamy eyed youths out there because they reckon that acting comes naturally. Many young people who aspire to become famous Hollywood actors think of acting as first and foremost a hobby which might become a career simply if they are lucky enough to meet an agent who will secure them roles in movies or television programs. This is where the problem lies: many would be actors just do not know what it takes to get started. For those who are really interested in forging a career in acting, here are some steps they could take:

Steps to Becoming an Actor

The first step is to learn how to act. This seems an obvious step but many take it for granted. If you would like to make a career out of acting, you would have to first realize that acting is an art. It is a veritable craft. There are requisite skills for acting. Acting involves every bit of our mental and physical faculties in as much as the film industry, television and theatre not only attempt to mimic and present virtually the whole gamut of human experiences but also to go beyond into the realm of unrealized possibilities through the power of imagination. Therefore, acting requires role interpretation and role play involving the understanding of characters, personalities and situations in terms of their cognitive, emotional, psychological and physical expressions. The meaning of this is that acting requires study, practice and experience and one can never actually become absolutely perfect at it. Top level Hollywood actors understand that this is the case and they are constantly exploring all possibilities at remaining at the top of their game.

The second step you would need to take is to position yourself strategically by relocating to where the job is. Go where the majority of key people in the industry live. It’s as simple as that.

Be ready to sacrifice. Acting seems to pay much when you are at the top but the road to the top is riddled with many hours of hard-work for little pay. You may need to sacrifice a few things on your way to the top but if you really want to succeed, there’s no other way.

Be entirely committed to your craft. That means you must have passion for the job and be dedicated to it.

Develop your power of positive relationship with people. It will help you nicely along the way.