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Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


A Quick Guide To Descriptive Essay Writing: An Outline

Writing a descriptive essay can be easy or difficult depending on your general knowledge and creativity as a writer. As the name suggests, any essay dealing with description of certain type can be called a descriptive essay. The description can be of anything or anyone- a person, thing, place, trees, events, or anything else that can be described. Here we are providing an outline for writing a descriptive essay.

  • The purpose of your writing: Recognize the purpose of writing it. Ask yourself why you are writing the same. Is it because it is a part of an assignment? Or is it that you are just feeling like doing a creative writing exercise? The more you will be clear about your purpose, the more focused you can be on your work. This involves a great deal of observation power as you write about what you see.
  • For example, you are writing a descriptive essay on your mother. This does not essentially refer to her physical description alone but also any other observation that you can make about her like her habits, her nature, her personality etc.
  • Methods of writing: Descriptive essay means that you describe the subject to the utmost details. Be indirect and let your imagination flare through your pen as you write. Play with words and show the reader rather than being direct about what you are saying. Focus on your five senses and include your observations in terms of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Your description should evoke the images in the mind of the reader than directly telling them.
  • Organize what you want to say: There can be a lot to say when it comes to description and so it can altogether get confusing as what to write and what not. First sort out how much you actually want to talk about in your write-up on the given topic, jot down the necessary point and then begin your work.
  • Eliminate unnecessary details: Is the details related to the description in any way? If not do not include it. This will only add to unnecessary length and may become boring to read for a potential reader.
  • Revise your write-up: Go through the writing one time before finalizing it. As descriptive essay can have a lot to be said on, managing the bulk often gets difficult so the final reading helps in editing the write-up for the final time.