write a strong essay on any topic

Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


Ten Easy Steps To Write An Essay

Is that blinking cursor on your computer screen driving your crazy? Are you starting blankly into the void because you don’t know how to write your essay? Well, don’t you worry one bit about that because I can tell you how to do it in ten easy steps.

Ten Steps To Writing An Essay

  • By now you probably already have your topic picked out or you were given one by your teacher. Take that topic and start doing your research on the topic. Find everything that you can on that topic, you don’t want to sit down later and realize that you don’t have enough and then have to do more.
  • Now that you are an expert on your topic, you need to analysis the all the information that you gather and figure out what your argument will be and eliminate information that you don’t need.
  • Start brainstorming by writing a bunch of questions down on the topic and answer them.
  • By now you probably have your main idea for your essay, this is your thesis. Write out your thesis and perfect it.
  • Outline your essay. Write down a brief description of everything that will be in your intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Start to write your essay. Start with the intro and work your way down. The intro should get the readers attention and you need to give them a glimpse into what your essay is about.
  • The body paragraphs are next, there are usually about three of them. In each of these paragraphs, you have a main idea, the evidences or facts to back up your main idea, and then a transition to the next paragraph.
  • When you are going to write your conclusion to your essay you want it to be a gracefully exit, it should have a summary of all the facts on your topic, a restart of your thesis, and leave the reader with knowledge on the topic.
  • Work cited is the next thing that you have to put in your essay. You should check with your teacher to see what style to use. To have a better work cited page, you should keep take of all the sources you use as you are researching the topic.
  • Now that you essay is written, now you have to go back a go over it to look for grammar, spelling, sentence issues, and so on. You want to make sure you get at least most of the mistakes before you hand it in. You can lose a lot of point if you don’t revise, proofread, and edit your work.