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Life is very beautiful and unique, it originates from conception and unborn Childs or fetus have basic fundamental right to live and to be born. This fetus has its own genetically recognition which is unmodified throughout life. So his or her right to live or breathe should be prevailed and protected. Abortion is a medical term which denotes an ending of pregnancy, in this fetus or unborn child is removed from woman uterus. Abortion is very burning and controversial discussion around world.it has some historical background and it is considered a murder of human being in some societies and also in some religions. There are many critics who believe that it tent amounts to murder because every human being has right to live or breath and by terminating someone heartbeat, is a killing him or her is a brutal act. But at same time there are persons who have a great voice in favor of abortion and believes that it is fundamental right of every person regarding abortion.

There are many different reasons for abortion. It has been observed in many countries that women are not interested in having Childs due to their early age, they also feel that they are not capable to handle this child due to many different reasons like economical, mentally etc. in these circumstances these Childs are unwanted for women. It is also seen in many countries like India, Korea etc abortions come about due to need of specific gender of unborn child. In such countries male kids are more favorite than girls.so in this case when it comes into knowledge of parents that it a fetus of girl they proceed with abortion. Some strict population strategies are also responsible for abortion like one kid policy in China. Nobody is permitted to have more than one kid in China, so in case of further pregnancy, parents have no option except abortion. There are also some plausible medical reasons for abortion like in cases of saving life of mother and in some circumstances fetus is dead in womb of mother.

Many developed and developing countries has recognized unborn Childs as human beings. Many legislations or laws has been incorporated to save unborn childs. These rules and regulations promulgate that if someone wants to assault and kill any unborn child willingly or deliberately, amounts to kill or assault human being. So many critics believe that abortion is a murder like murder of human being.at the same time many voices are in favor of abortion and US Supreme Court has evaluated abortion as fundamental right of every citizen, in case Roe v. Wade, decided on Jan. 22, 1973 and has declared through it judgment that it is right of every woman to decide that she wants her pregnancy or not.