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Autism is a medical condition that is characterized by underdevelopment of the brain. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) entails a group of developmental disabilities that lead to massive communication, social and behavioral difficulties among the victims. The victims of autisms also experience a stereotyped pattern in their behavior that leads to lack of continuity in the social and relational capabilities of the children with the condition. There are various factors that can be attributed to autisms. The most common factors include motor coordination difficulties, intellectual disabilities, physical health problems and gastrointestinal inconsistencies.

Autism spectrum disorder can also be used to refer to a wide range of disorder that are associated with the neurodevelopment. Autism is the most severe of all the other conditions in the spectrum. However, the other milder conditions are commonly referred to as the Asperger syndrome. The other conditions include the pervasive developmental disorder and the childhood disintegrative disorder. Thus, the variance of ASD of very significant in both severity and character. The children who have these conditions have very poor response rates to the various motor stimuli. They reduces the amount of attention that an individual can be given. The disorder can also lead to the development of various physical disorders.

Autism affects o people of all social status. People with different socioeconomic backgrounds can be affected by the medical condition. The occurrence of autism is also distributed among people of all age groups from the infants to the elderly. The victims of the condition also are distributed across all ethnical and racial backgrounds s across the globe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, out of 88 children who are eight years and below, one of them must have a disorder associated with autism. However, males have a higher prevalence rate because they are 8 times likely to develop the condition as opposed to women.

Most of the children with the condition have numerous challenges in their socialization process. This is because these children do not have the capabilities to intercut with other children because of the apparent lack of coordination and poor response abilities to various environmental stimuli. These children lack the level of sensitive they need to have in order to suit in their social groups. In certain situations, these children are able to concentrate exclusively to one item for extended periods of time. This makes the children with this medical condition to be very dull and inactive. Consequently, this leads to their withdrawal from their appropriate social cycles.

The children who have autisms may fail to respond to very basic things. Some of the thing to which they may lack response includes their names. The children may also lack to respond to visual instincts and to the things around them. These children also avoid eye contact with the people they interact with. Therefore, the people with this condition cannon interpret various communicative cues like non-verbal signals. Therefore, they have various challenges on how they response to the other people. The ultimate effect of this co9ndition is exclusion from various social issues in the society.