write a strong essay on any topic

Writing a college essay is easy when you know what to write about and how to present it. There are a few things to remember while writing this essay to help you avoid common mistakes.


Searching For A Free Essay That I Can Use As An Example

Do you have a point you wish to prove; an opinion you need to back up?

It’s Nice to Be Validated!

Perhaps one of the most arresting forms of evidence to allay dispute is to present examples of other thinkers’ similar views and/or arguments. Having one or two well-considered written pieces, or essays, for you to site in your copy can be of tremendous benefit, not only toward any proof you might require, but also as a “touchstone” for your audience to grasp, consider and, if you’ve done your homework, accept.

Not Every Word is Free to Use

The internet, admittedly, is the most readily available source to utilize to seek and find someone else’s written work. But, let’s face it - it’s inadvisable to simply scour for whatever essays reflect your point of view and grab them. Every written word on the World Wide Web is not on the cuff. Most copy orbiting about in cyberspace is somehow tethered to writer or entity who put it there purposely to represent either themselves or their client. It’s their intellectual property. Reckless reaping from a source you haven’t sown is not only presumptuous, it’s considered web piracy and can land the raider in some pretty hot water. Not a good thing.

Where are Free Viable Words Hiding?

How can you safely forage the internet for essays - ready words to justify your position - that are open source, free and encouraged for your use? Your dynamic search engine is your closest research ally.

There are, indeed, sites dedicated to offering up intellectual property intended to be used and cited. Most claim to provide a wide selection of fresh, new research of seemingly endless variety. A select portion of their collection is open source - free of charge, to students and professional writers.

The Value of Essay Sites

Typically, essay sites glean from published books, short stories or poems, articles from magazines, newspapers, and websites, as well as broadcast media. Essays and personal interviews written by other students also reckon as source material. In order to remain in business, these free and paid research sites must comply with all consumer protection laws and voluntary guidelines, subject to the same, if not more rigorous, scrutiny than even you or I would be as authors.

Topics Go On and On

Available topics are seemingly endless and searching subject matter may actually lead you on to further ideas and more extensive, convincing information. Just a smattering of subject matter available on the web with a modicum of effort:

  • Social Issues
      Stem Cell Research Global Warming and Climate Change Abortion
  • Business
      Management Marketing Websites
  • Education
      Public/Private Schools School Violence Teaching
  • Sciences
      Nutrition Agriculture Engineering

Shade Your Eyes - Don’t Plagiarize!

Ultimately, always make sure of your source’s freshness and availability and be certain to always seek out freely usable, up-to-the-minute documentation to underscore your own conclusions.