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A Selection Of Original Mass Media Essay Topics To Write About

Some people don’t miss out on television news; while others pay attention to their radio sets daily. Some read the newspaper scathingly while the new generation swears by Facebook and other social media platforms. These are all instruments of media and cumulatively form mass media.

Impact of mass media

Now, it is very hard to be aloof from all aspects of mass media. Thus, the impact of mass media cannot be overstated. The merging of statistics and opinions by and addresses by articulate people make an impression on the general people. Here is a selection of original mass media essay topics

  1. How the mass media has helped 9/11 the most significant event of this millennium? – True that 9/11 was a significant event but it grew in stature because it happened in New York, one of the most dynamic global cities. Of course, mass media played a role in projecting it out of its skin.
  2. Is the mass media responsible for rising rate of child delinquency? – Whether the new age child is more delinquent because of media distractions opens up debate and an essay topic.
  3. Has mass media managed to spread its tentacles into the rural pockets with considerable effect? – Mass media has surely influenced urban people. The essay would be an analysis of its influence in rural pockets on rustic minds.
  4. Has mass media curbed violence or aggravated it? - This is an exciting topic which is likely to invite contrasting opinions.
  5. What ethics should mass media put in place to be more responsible? – Media is powerful and so must stick to pre-set limits. How should mass media set its parameters would be a great subject for essay.
  6. How can mass media better the communication between its varied instruments? – The connection between print media, television media and electronic media should be seamless. Question is how.
  7. Should mass media be given as much leeway as it commands? – The essay topic would probe into the powers of mass media and decide whether those powers are logical.
  8. The role of mass media in women’s liberation movement – It needs accepting that mass media has contributed to the liberation of women. A comment is on the cards.
  9. Has mass media turned females from people into anatomies? – Has mass media objectified women and degraded their status? A resounding essay topic.
  10. Should mass media be given extensive powers to buttress into the political affairs? – The topic would be a commentary on whether mass media be allowed to spill its effects into politics and legislation.